Rama Reverse Osmosis Water System

Reverse osmosisReverse OsmosisReverse osmosis

Technical Details for Rama Reverse Osmosis System


Stage1 Sediment Filter – 20 microns pleated – Remove minutes impurities
Stage2 Pre Filter – 5 microns Poly Propylene – Remove suspended particles
Stage3 Pre Carbon – Removes Chlorine, Bad Taste, Odour, Trihalomethane & Other Organic substances
Stage4 0.0001 micron membrane Filter -Removes 99.99% Microscopic impurities like Bacteria, Virus, 90% of dissolved minerals and Flush them out.
Stage5 Post Carbon Filter – Removes dissolved Gas, Odors and improve taste.


Water Treatment Results Comparison


Caused Disease


Ultra Violet



Rama Reverse Osmosis

Sodium Heart disease X X X X
Calcium Kidney Stones X X X X
Magnesium Kidney Stones X X X X
Lead Damage to Kidney & Nervouse and reproductive system X X X X
Copper Gastro intestinal tract irritant X X X X
Mercury Kidney impairment and possible death X X X X
Nitrate Potential poisoning in infants X X X X
Bacteria Bacterial diseases X X X X
Virus Viral diseases X X X X
Pyrogen Fever X X X X
Florides Fluorosis X X X X
Arsenic Effects to nervous system X X X X
Iron Constipation, Dysentery X X X X
Insecticides & Pesticides Cancer X X X X