About us

RAMA group was established in the year 1972.

RAMA group indulges in various manufacturing, marketing and export activities.

RAMA is the brand leader in Water Filters since 1972 and has sales network all over India.

RAMA group manufactures Stainless Steel Gravity Water Purifiers, Pressure Water Purifiers, LPG Stoves, Aluminium /Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers and house hold utensils.

RAMA group also manufacture Ceramic water purification elements in various sizes with UK collaboration.

RAMA has added Reverse Osmosis Domestic and Industrial water purification Systems to its Range of Products since 2001

RAMA has launched Packed Drinking Water in 20Lts, 2Lts, 1 Lt and 500ml capacity since 2004.

RAMA Products are being exported to UK, USA, and Germany since 1990.

In the year 1965, late Mr. K.Ramanathan, the founder of Rama brand started a stainless steel utensil showroom in the name of K.Ramanathan and Co. at Luz Corner, Chennai, which is one of the leading exclusive showroom till date. Then in 1968, he started his own factory at 5, Nynar Nadar Road, Mylapore, Chennai. In those days he bought stainless steel deep drawn vessels from Bombay and converted the same for the local requirement. He then started importing stainless steel raw material via MMDA and converted it into more than 100 varieties of hand made and deep-drawn components and sold them to the local market, in the brand name of Rama.

In 1972, Mr. K.R.Balachandran, the 2nd son of late K.Ramanathan took charge of the factory and has developed the existing designs of Gravity water filters, with the help of his younger brother Mr. K.R.Babu. After the introduction of the gravity filters, the focus was switched wholly to filters, and we have captured the entire Indian market and have become the brand leader in water filters.

In 1990, we started exporting the gravity filters to various countries.

In 2000, we became the No.1 seller on gravity filters worldwide due to the Y2K problem.

In 2002, we introduced stainless steel pressure water purifiers to the export market.

In 2005, we have started manufacturing ceramic filtering elements, with UK collaboration suitable to our gravity and pressure water purifiers.